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HYVIA and HYSETCO join forces to accelerate hydrogen mobility



02 February 2023

At the Hyvolution 2023 exhibition, HYVIA and HYSETCO announce that they are joining forces to accelerate the development of hydrogen mobility for light commercial vehicles.

  • HYVIA and HYSETCO are developing a new cooperation which aims at:

– The improvement of the customer experience of HYVIA light commercial vehicles users in the public H2 charging stations of the HYSETCO network.
– The study of an integrated offer of HYVIA commercial vehicles to be proposed by HYSETCO, including the vehicle, the associated services, and the supply of hydrogen.
Complementary services proposed by HYSETCO for HYVIA light commercial vehicle customers.
– HYVIA’s support for the development of HYSETCO’s network of public H2 stations.

  • This cooperation is based on the complementary nature of HYVIA and HYSETCO’s offers:

– HYVIA, a joint venture dedicated to hydrogen mobility, offers an ecosystem of solutions including a range of H2 light commercial vehicles (van, minibus, chassis cab) and private H2 refueling stations for its professional customers.
– HYSETCO, the leading company in light hydrogen mobility in France, develops and operates public H2 charging stations and offers integrated solutions to facilitate access to hydrogen mobility for professionals.

Strongly committed to the hydrogen industry since its creation in June 2021, HYVIA continues in 2023 the deployment of its unique and complete ecosystem dedicated to hydrogen mobility. This collaboration with HYSETCO allows us to go even further to support our professional customers, in order to offer them even more refueling solutions and services.

David Holderbach President HYVIA

We are very pleased with this initiative between HYVIA and HYSETCO, which will enable us to offer our professional customers the best solutions to facilitate their transition to zero-emission hydrogen mobility, on a range of commercial vehicles. HYSETCO, the leader in light hydrogen mobility, confirms its commitment to contribute today and tomorrow to pollution-free cities.

Loïc Voisin President HYSETCO

Press contact

Isabelle Behar
HYVIA Communication Director


Press contact HYSETCO

Laetitia Guittard
EDIFICE Communication