HYVIA : the new hydrogen mobility path



After the reveal of Renault Master Van H2-TECH, HYVIA unveils two new Hydrogen Light Commercial Vehicles prototypes (30kW fuel cell and 5 minutes refueling time):

Renault Master Chassis Cab H2-TECH: a range of about 250km and great possibilities of tailor-made conversions, as the possibility of a box van conversion with a cargo space of 19m3.

Renault Master City Bus H2-TECH: up to 15 passengers with a range of about 300km.

Both vehicles will be available in 2022 with green hydrogen production and distribution solutions.

HYVIA is the first company to offer turnkey solutions for hydrogen mobility. Born of the union of Renault Group, a major player in the automotive industry, and Plug Power, a world leader in hydrogen solutions, HYVIA combines their complementary expertise to contribute to the decarbonation of mobility.

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HYVIA : The complete hydrogen ecosystem

Light commercial vehicles with fuel cells, recharging stations, supply of green hydrogen, maintenance and fleet management: HYVIA’s unique offering integrates the entire hydrogen mobility ecosystem to provide complete and integrated solutions.

The bottom line? Green hydrogen: for decarbonated mobility — as a complementary alternative to battery electric vehicles — addressing the need for more autonomy and recharging in just a few minutes.

Master Van

The professional goods transport vehicle (12 m3) with a range of up to 500 km.

Master Châssis cabine

The professional goods transport vehicle (19 m3) with a range of up to 250 km.

Master City Bus

The passenger transport vehicle carrying up to 15 people and with a range of about 300 km.

Fuel cells

Time-tested, reliable and safe 30kW fuel cells

Green hydrogen Charging stations

Safe and easy-to-use green hydrogen supply, closer to our clients.

Green hydrogen production

Electrolyzers and storage stations to meet our clients’ needs.
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HYVIA: A France-based company


In order to optimize synergies, HYVIA’s head office and R&D teams are located in Villiers-Saint-Frédéric, the light commercial vehicle engineering and development center for Renault Group.


The process, manufacturing and logistics teams are located in Flins — as part of the Re-Factory project — and will start the assembly of fuel cells and recharging stations by the end of 2021.


The first vehicles, based on the Renault Master, are produced at Batilly plant.


Fuel cell integration leverages the skills of PVI, a Renault Group subsidiary since 2017 which is located in Gretz-Armainvilliers.
“HYVIA offers turnkey mobility solutions including green hydrogen production, storage, and supply as well as a wide range of commercial vehicles. These solutions are meeting the needs of businesses, key accounts, fleets and public organizations so that we can advance together on the path to the energy transition.”
David Holderbach
President of HYVIA