World Hydrogen Summit 2024 – Rotterdam : HYVIA & Renault Netherlands at the forefront of hydrogen mobility in Europe

  • A pioneer and committed player in hydrogen mobility for nearly 3 years, HYVIA is renewing for the 3rd consecutive year its confidence in the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands, one of the biggest H2 events worldwide, from 13 to 14 May 2024.
  • HYVIA will be exhibiting its hydrogen-powered Renault Master Van H2-TECH, fitted with its new H2 architecture, and converted into a workshop vehicle by bodybuilder Kollé, on booth B24, Hall 5.
  • The Netherlands, a forerunner in hydrogen solutions, is one of HYVIA’s first markets, with the strong support of Renault Netherlands’ sales and after-sales teams.
  • On May 14 at 13:30, Anouk Poelmann, CEO Renault Group Nederland, and Nicolas Champetier, CEO HYVIA, will host a conference “HYVIA & Renault Group Nederland: at the forefront of hydrogen mobility”: come and meet them.

Focus on HYVIA in Netherlands: customers and dealers, pionners of H2 energy transition

Major customers experimenting H2 mobility with HYVIA

Major players in Netherlands have chosen Renault Master Van H2-TECH to decarbonate their fleets, like: Warmtebouw, managing climatic and sanitary installations, who has completed around 25 000 km in 6 months with its Renault Master Van H2-TECH, GP Groot, a major player in circularity and renewable energy, who adopted 3 Renault Master Van H2-TECH, POT Verhuizingen, active in the logistic field and frontrunner in sustainable mobility, or Provincie Groningen, first territorial establishment, who recently adopted H2 Mobility with HYVIA.

Four strategic dealers for H2 after sales

Four H2-TECH Renault PRO+ dealers have been selected to provide efficient H2 aftersales services: StamAmersfoort,TerwoldeGroningen,BochaneArnhem and VanMosselRotterdam.
Located on key locations in four strategically selected cities, they cover a vast territory of the country.
Expert technicians have been trained in these four selected dealerships. Maintenance program and aftersales services has been provided in Dutch with Renault Netherlands technical support.
Stam Amersfoort and Terwolde Groningen successfully started operations since last November 2023. They are fully equipped with building adaptations, specific H2 tools and specific H2 spare parts supply organization. Van-Mossel Rotterdam and Bochane Arnhem will join soon.

HYVIA’s new participation in the World Hydrogen Summit demonstrates our total commitment to deploying our project as a leading company in carbon-free mobility at the service of professionals. Working closely with Renault Group Netherlands and its appointed dealers, we are continuing the pioneering development of hydrogen mobility in this country, recognized as one of the leaders in clean and sustainable technologies.

Nicolas Champetier CEO HYVIA

The first customers in the Netherlands are now utilizing the Renault Master H2-TECH for their business operations. Our network is also fully prepared to assist our existing and future clients as they transition toward hydrogen mobility. I take pride in the collaborative achievements of Renault Group Nederland and the HYVIA teams, positioning us as pioneers in hydrogen solutions!

Anouk Poelmann CEO Renault Group Nederland

Warmtebouw is proud of the performance of Renault Master H2-TECH. The use of this hydrogen van is not only a step forward in sustainable mobility, but also a proof that hydrogen technology offers a reliable and practical solution.

Henk Overeem CEO Warmtebouw

HYVIA at World Hydrogen Summit: a worldwide H2 event in a strategic country, Netherlands

– Recognized as Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) “Hy2Tech”, HYVIA stands out for its complete H2 ecosystem, comprising hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles, H2 refueling stations, financing solutions and after-sales offer. Since 2021, this H2 ecosystem is being deployed in Netherlands, a country fully engaged in energy transition and H2 mobility.

– Netherlands is now counting on 17 hydrogen stations, with seven new hydrogen refueling station projects underway (source: and a new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle purchase incentive program due to arrive by summer.

– Facilitated by increasing electricity grid constraints, hydrogen mobility is bolstering its presence in the Netherlands with the goal of gaining a sustainable foothold in the Dutch transport energy mix.

HYVIA: a new hydrogen-powered Renault Master Van H2-TECH

– Renault Master Van H2-TECH has a completely new architecture and design. It incorporates the advantages of H2-TECH technology and is designed to meet the expectations and uses of professionals.

– This new architecture completes the current range of Renault Master Van H2-TECH (L3H3+), enabling new conversions: workshop vehicle, emergency urban intervention, cherry picker, refrigerated vehicle, ladder rack, etc.

– Main advantages: zero emission, reduced immobilization time with less than 5 minutes refueling time, 320 km range in the WLTC cycle (with H2 range maintained in cold weather), 3 versions (L2H2 10,4 m3 – L3H2 12,6 m3 – L3H3 14,4 m3) and an increased payload up to 1,389 kg.

HYVIA: a unique and complete ecosystem for hydrogen-powered mobility

– To complete its range of hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles, HYVIA is offering its business customers HYWELL™ by HYVIA recharging solutions, in partnership with Atawey. With a capacity of 100 kg per day of H2 distribution, the HYWELL™ station can supply up to 20 vehicles.

– A financing offer was launched at the end of 2023 by HYVIA to allow its customers a tailor-made proposal, depending on their uses, country, region and current purchase subsidies.

– Lastly, HYVIA’s after-sales service for hydrogen-powered vehicles is strategic and is based on the Renault Pro+ network’s growing expertise in this pioneering technology. The H2 after sales network is being deployed in France, Germany, Spain and above all the Netherlands.


Press contact HYVIA

Isabelle Behar
HYVIA Communications Director


Press contact Renault Group Nederland

Kevin Engelsman
Communications Director Renault Group Nederland