HYVIA: a pioneer in hydrogen-powered mobility for a sustainable energy transition

23 January 2024

In the face of the climate crisis, battery-powered electric mobility is proving incapable of meeting all needs. This observation led to the creation of HYVIA, a joint venture between the French automotive group Renault and the American equipment manufacturer Plug, a specialist in hydrogen technologies. HYVIA is a pioneer and specialist in hydrogen-powered mobility for professionals.

HYVIA is reinventing professional mobility by offering complete turnkey solutions with zero emissions and no compromise on usage. It is based on a visionary approach to the mobility market and anticipates the need for carbon-free mobility for professional use.

HYVIA draws its strength from the expertise and industrial know-how of Groupe Renault, a leader in the commercial vehicle segment, and combines this unique know-how with Plug’s hydrogen expertise. HYVIA sets itself apart by offering a complete ecosystem encompassing production, distribution and hydrogen-powered vehicles, solutions tailored to society’s changing needs.

HYVIA offers a complete range of hydrogen mobility solutions 100% assembled in France. Headquartered in Villiers-Saint-Frédéric (78), HYVIA manufactures fuel cells at the HYVIA Flins plant (78), and Renault Master chassis at the Renault Batilly plant (54) and converted at Renault Véhicule Innovation in Gretz-Armainvilliers (77).

The result is the Renault Master van, chassis cab H2-tech, a range of electric-hydrogen commercial vehicles offering greater autonomy and rapid refuelling in 5 minutes. Thanks to this technology, companies can green their vehicle fleets while benefiting from increased efficiency and productivity.

HYVIA offers a flexible solution to meet the specific sustainable mobility needs of its customers. Whether for professional vehicle fleets or industrial applications, Hyvia implements tailor-made solutions to contribute to the decarbonization of professional mobility, giving priority to hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources.

HYVIA contributes to reducing the overall carbon footprint of its solutions thanks to its expertise and forward-looking vision. It offers sustainable mobility solutions that respect the environment.