Hydrogen expansion in IÎle-de-France: focus on the HysetCo network

Hysetco St-Denis

23 January 2024

We continue our series of articles on hydrogen infrastructure in France with a focus on the network of hydrogen stations in the Île-de-France region.

Currently, the hydrogen infrastructure situation in the Île-de-France region is rather unusual, as several players share the hydrogen station network. Three major players are involved: Air Liquide owns two stations in the Paris region, HYPE owns one, and HysetCo, the main H2 infrastructure player in the region, operates four stations. This article will focus exclusively on HysetCo, the leader in hydrogen-powered mobility in the Paris region.

HysetCo was founded in 2017 by Air Liquide, Toyota France and Société du Taxi Electrique Parisien (STEP). Two years later, in 2019, Total Energies and Kouros joined the four historic shareholders. HysetCo operates a network of four hydrogen refueling stations and also manages a fleet of around 400 hydrogen vehicles, mainly Toyota Mirai, for passenger transport.

HysetCo is a key pioneer in the field of hydrogen refueling infrastructure. To recharge a vehicle with hydrogen on the HysetCo network, you need to contact HysetCo to sign a hydrogen supply contract. This contract will enable you to access the stations and fill up with hydrogen using a badge.

With the planned opening of a new station in Le Bourget by the end of 2023, HysetCo continues to grow, and this expansion will accelerate further with the integration of Air Liquide’s existing stations in the Paris region into the HysetCo network. In addition, HysetCo has just confirmed an order for 8 hydrogen stations with Air Liquide, with the aim of having 13 stations operational by the end of 2024.