• From 2 to 12 October 2023, HYVIA will bring together a hundred players committed to hydrogen mobility to take stock of its H2 ecosystem developed for more than 2 years: a bold path for pioneers in a hydrogen sector that is still in its development stage.
  • A pioneer in hydrogen mobility since its creation in 2021, HYVIA relies on its two founding groups: Renault Group, at the forefront of automotive mobility that is reinventing itself, and Plug, an expert in hydrogen solutions for more than 20 years.
  • With these two areas of expertise, HYVIA has been able to deploy a complete and unique H2 ecosystem: hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles, refueling, maintenance and financing solutions for professionals as well as the production of fuel cells or low-carbon hydrogen by electrolysis.
  • Integrated into the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) “Hy2Tech”, HYVIA relies on a team of 130 pioneers who have initiated a commercial, after-sales, engineering, and industrial dynamic, with solid partners and a network with all the players in the H2 sector, including Hydrogen Europe and France Hydrogen.
  • Pioneering customers have already embarked with HYVIA on the path of H2 mobility, such as: Orange, Engie, Equans, Chronopost or Alpine in France / GP Groot, Warmtebouw, Pot Verhuizingen in the Netherlands / Airbus, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, Packeta, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH in Germany.
  • HYVIA is announcing a new partnership with Atawey, a leading player in hydrogen refuelling stations, to create a new offering: HYWELLTM.
  • HYVIA is also strengthening its partnership with HYSETCO.
  • To ensure the after-sales of its hydrogen-powered vehicles, pioneering dealers are already supporting the H2 mobility offered by HYVIA: Renault Rungis, Renault Lyon Sud in France / Stam Amersfoort, Terwolde Groningen, Bochane Arnhem and Van Mossel Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.
  • To meet our technological challenges, HYVIA also relies on industrial partners such as FORVIA, Bosch, Garrett Motion, AVL and Plastic Omnium.

Renault has been a pioneer in electric mobility since 2009, HYVIA has been a pioneer in hydrogen mobility since 2021. The path of a pioneer is exciting, fraught with difficulties, successes and the unknown. Hydrogen will be an essential energy vector for tomorrow’s mobility. The H2 sector is effervescent but still emerging, still torn by the dynamics of the chicken and the egg. HYVIA’s team of pioneers has been taking on great challenges every day for more than 2 years. It is a human, technological and industrial adventure, alongside Renault Group and Plug, as well as all our partners to invent together the H2 mobility of tomorrow.

David Holderbach CEO HYVIA

HYVIA is moving forward. Our achievements are concrete. Our large hydrogen van, Renault Master Van H2-TECH, developed by HYVIA, is now on the roads of Europe. The magazine Kilomètres Entreprise, reference in the field of car fleets in France, awarded him the Heavy Commercial Vehicle of the Year 2023. This award rewards HYVIA’s innovation, its complete ecosystem and its pioneering approach to hydrogen mobility. Our H2 mobility offer includes refueling, maintenance and financing solutions. Our fuel cell assembly and testing line is operational and we have installed an electrolyzer to produce low- carbon hydrogen. And this is just the beginning of an ambitious adventure.

Mehdi Ferhan COO HYVIA

HYVIA is inventing a new hydrogen mobility offer, a pioneering but expert and reassuring mobility, a mobility that brings value to our professional customers engaged in the energy transition. We do not only offer a hydrogen van, Renault Master Van H2-TECH, but also a set of tailor-made H2 solutions to adapt to the intensive uses of our customers with refueling and financing solutions. Our offer is already a reality in the most mature countries: France, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Other countries will follow with the future development of the hydrogen sector and our commercial dynamics.

Julien Etienne CCO HYVIA

Press contact HYVIA

Isabelle Behar
HYVIA Communication Director