Plug, world leader in renewable hydrogen technology

23 January 2024

Plug is emerging as a world leader in hydrogen technology. Founded in 1997, the US company is at the forefront of the hydrogen economy with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Plug is now a major player in the transition to a zero-emission economy.

Plug is driven by a forward-thinking vision: a world powered by clean, renewable energy. Guided by the goal of reducing the industry’s CO2 emissions while decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, the company has focused its efforts on developing hydrogen solutions for warehouse logistics, energy distribution infrastructures and, more recently, professional mobility.

Plug is an OEM and turnkey solutions provider covering the entire hydrogen value chain. The company offers electrolysers, distribution stations, hydrogen fuel cells, liquefaction and cryogenic transport solutions. Plug’s technology powers a wide range of vehicles, from forklift trucks to light commercial vehicles.

In addition, Plug operates as an electrolysis capacity operator, enabling it to be present across the entire hydrogen value chain, from renewable hydrogen production to distribution and end-use applications. Plug has ambitious hydrogen production targets, aiming to produce 500 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per day worldwide by 2025, and 1,000 tonnes per day in the US by 2028. This would position Plug as one of the major players in the global production of renewable hydrogen.

Plug’s global approach and the variety of hydrogen solutions it offers help to reduce the carbon footprint of the activities of its customers, 80% of whom are leading companies, while offering operational benefits.

To achieve its ambitious goals, Plug is forging strategic partnerships with vehicle manufacturers, hydrogen suppliers, renewable energy capacity operators and technology leaders. These alliances strengthen Plug’s position as a key player in the hydrogen economy.

In addition to strategic partnerships, Plug is investing directly in large-scale projects:

  • a Gigafactory in Rochester, New York, with a current electrolyser production capacity of 100 MW per month, which will eventually produce 2.5 GW of electrolysis capacity each year.
  • Three renewable hydrogen production plants in Finland, with 2.2 GW of electrolysis capacity producing 850 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per day by the end of the decade, representing an investment of six billion dollars.

By deploying its solutions around the world, Plug is making a direct contribution to climate objectives. This commitment to sustainability and social responsibility reinforces Plug’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Today, Plug is a major player in the hydrogen economy, with its environmentally friendly technologies and expertise in hydrogen production and distribution. With its visionary approach and strategic partnerships, the company is playing a key role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Through its commitment to hydrogen, Plug is helping to shape a cleaner, more sustainable and brighter future for our planet.